How to Eliminate Toilet Odors? [Working Method]

How to Eliminate Toilet Odors

How to Eliminate Toilet Odors?

In some houses, there is the problem of bad odor in the bathroom that is quite problematic. The humidity and moisture are present in the bathroom most of the time and water along with the moisture provide a breeding ground for the bacteria and germs that ares the major causes of the bad smell. Best toilet reviews provide you some guideline nut that is not enough to eliminate the bad odor. Here are a few tips that are quite useful for you to keep your bathroom fresh and free of any bad odor.

Get faulty plumbing repaired

Then foul smell might produce because of cracks in the floor tiles, cracks in waste water pipes, dry pipes, and clogged drains. If you find any of the mentioned issues in your bathroom then immediately call a plumber and eliminate all such plumbing problems.

Sunlight kills germs and bacteria

Sunlight is the best source to kill all unwanted germs and bacteria. For this purpose, it is necessary to choose the bathroom that is located where sunlight is directly accessible. Another important factor that is mostly ignored by many people is a window that is an essential source of considerable sunlight. Keep your windows open so the sunlight is able to reach there and kill all harmful and unwanted bacteria.

Sunlight kills germs and bacteria

The window allows air to enter in the bathroom and keep it fresh so you don’t have to use air freshener again and again as the fresh air is enough to keep the atmosphere healthy. People who keep their bathroom atmosphere healthy never complain about any kind of bad odor as the sunlight is the best tool to remove germs. People who have no windows in their bathroom face difficulty in keeping their bathroom fresh. Moreover, don’t rely on sunlight only and keep the washroom dry by your own self. It is the best way to wipe out all water from the floor after every shower.

Regularly clean your bathroom

The washrooms which are deprived of cleanliness are facing more problems of bad odor. Make your washroom clean and sanitize on a daily basis. Cleaners and disinfectants are the best way to keep the place hygienic. Floor cleaner and chemical cleaner can also be used to clean the floor of the bathroom. Sometimes the foul smell can also be produced because of floor mats as they keep water and dust and produce bad odor if they are left unclean. All the accessories and surfaces that are located in your bathroom clean them regularly and remove all dust and water from all possible positions to make the atmosphere healthy.

Say no to wet towels

One of the major reasons of a foul smell in the bathroom is you wet towel that you used to place in the bathroom after use. No matter how clean your washroom is but if you wet towel is still there that can produce a bad smell and make your bathroom terrible place.

Exhaust fan and air freshener

If your bathroom is located in a very congested place and has no windows for the fresh air or sunlight then it is better to use exhaust fans and air fresheners to remove any bad odor.


Windows 10 themes free download


Windows 10 offers a vast range of customization options like themes, skins or wallpapers. There are tons of options available when it comes to choosing the best windows 10 themes free download. Microsoft has surely got some cool and stunning themes listed on its official page.

However, if you think those options are limited, we have shared a few great themes below for you to choose from. They will give your Windows 10 a whole new interface with amazing style and spicing options.

There are tons of options available through which you can easily install third party themes on Windows 10. You can download these themes absolutely free of cost.

1: The GTGraphics Windows 10 Theme


GTGraphics is a wonderful theme and is a space inspired theme. It has a stunning view and really spices up your desktop. The theme contains images of planets edited through Photoshop and other graphic tools.

2: The Beauty of Britain Windows 10 Theme


Britain is one hell of a beautiful place and the clock tower is one of the most attractive things to visit. This Beauty of Britain theme is a great art work with some nice and professional editing that can give your desktop a killer look. Download it for free today.

3: Beautiful Birds Windows 10 Theme


If you love nature, then this theme is for you. It shows a beautiful humming bird taking nectar from a flower.

4: Kinetic Disneyland Adventures Windows 10 Theme


The Kinetic Disneyland Adventures Windows 10 Theme has been specifically designed for the kids. It contains popular cartoon characters and is full of animations. Type of star wars touch in it. Download it today for free and install it on your Windows 10.

5: Ducati Windows 10 Theme


Ducati is one my favorite Windows 10 themes as I’m a huge fan of sports bike. It really gives my desktop a killer look. You can download it free and install it with ease.

Password Protect USB in Windows (Manually)

USB is the best way to carry valuable data because you can keep this small portable device with you quickly. But sometimes, you have to take sensitive data that needs to be protected from the access of any irrelevant person. To secure your data from the access of other people, you need to put a password on your USB files. Here is how to password protect a folder in USB containing all sensitive data by applying password manually in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

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If you intend to move any file to your USB drive to carry it with you, the best way to protect its content from other people’s access is to add password manually without using any third-party tool. It always becomes tough to select a third-party app and then download and install it to your USB drive. So it is better to apply password manually especially if you are carrying Word or Excel files with you. You just need to take a few steps to use a password to these files. Here is how you can do so.

Apply Password to the File Manually

  • If you have saved the file to USB drive, just open it and click “Tools” tab that can be seen in the row of the primary tabs of any document. At the bottom of the list, there will be a category “Options” that needs to be selected.
  • Now click “Security” tab in the third row at the end of the list that will open the security options before you.
  • Here, you need to look for “Password to Open” option. Type the password you want to assign this file but keep it in your mind that you can use this password to open this file only. You cannot make any changes in the archive.
  • If you want to make modifications in the file, you need to click the option below Password to Open. That will be “Password to Modify”. You should type the password here too. It will allow you to make changes to the file. Click “OK” to save changes.
  • Now your file is password protected. You can try to open it by double-click the file icon in Flash drive. It will ask you to provide your password. When you try to modify it, it will ask you for the password once again. It shows you have fully secured your file from the access of other people.

Use the same way and apply a password to all of your files in USB drive to protect them adequately. If the USB is lost, you need no worries because the data in your USB drive will not be accessible by others.

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So guys! That is how you can protect your data by apply password to every file individually. It is your choice if you want to apply different password on every file or you implement the same password to each of your records.

Cheap way to move your house if you are living in London

An effective way of moving your office to another premise in London is to start with the list of things that is needed to be accomplished. This is the best way to see to it that the entire things are shifted in an organized way. You will not miss any important item or you will not take away unimportant items with you. You should first of all do an evaluation of the furniture and other belongings should be done. Are you really in the need to move everything? Are some of the things that are unnecessary or needs replacement? In this way it will be possible for you to get rid of the unnecessary things and make a list of the important one.

When you have compiled the list, you need to find a The Removal company that can help you out with the shifting process. There are many removal companies in Chelsea who can provide you with man and van services in London that can help you to shift the office to the new location. You can search for these companies online. Since a wide variety of services are there you might get little bit confused with whom to go with. So little bit research can make the process quite simple.

The professional movers’ will ask you several questions and tell their price. If it matches with your price and the services are tailored then you can go for the company. Their packages will include packing of the products, loading them onto the vehicle, transport it to new place, unload them, unpack them, and place them in the right place. Since all of these packages are included, one can easily ensure that the shifting is hassle free. You will also be provided with professional assistance so that it does not become a hassle to shift that heavy furniture. You will also be guided with every important step and without giving you any tension; they move your complete office to the new premises.

It will be necessary for you to opt for insurance, if you are concerned about your expensive and costly products. When you insure your products, you might spend some extra money but it will cover your products for damages.

With the help of the movers, you are ensured that you are provided with the best solution around.

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Most of us would want to be as unique as possible and if it is mobile phone than it should not only look good but also provides best features. In the past, since we didn’t really have the comfort of having a lot of options because of limited choices, we would suit ourselves with what was available.
OPPO is a great mobile phone providing you stunning style and also amazing services to make your life easy.